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You will take this course in Etudes. Etudes is Foothill College's online classroom software. You got to this page by clicking on the Classroom link in the menu on the left-hand side of your web page. We will be using the Classroom, Messages and the Forum links only for this course.

The Messages link takes to you where you can leave messages for your instructor or the other people taking this class. You can leave a message for everyone, or for anyone or group of people you want to communicate with privately. To send a private message to one person, click on that person's name. If you hold the shift key down you can select more that one person to send your message to.

When you finish reading this page click on the Forum link. You will do the following things in the Forum to practice using this online classroom.1. Click on the General Discussions and Questions link. You will see a link that says Ice Breaker. Click on Ice Breaker. All assignments will be posted in the General Discussions and Questions Forum. Assignments will be posted by topic such as: Topic A: Assignment 1.

You will use the Ice Breaker to introduce yourself. To post your introduction click on the link that says Reply at the bottom of the page.

After you introduce yourself look for the introductions of the other students in the class and start "talking" to them. To do this click on the link that says Reply at the bottom of their message. You can click on Preview to see if you have typed exactly what you want to say. When you are done click on Post Message.

At the bottom of the General Discussions and Questions Forum you will see a dialog box that says Select another forum or conference. Use it to select Student Lounge. If you have a digital picture of yourself, please use the student exchange to upload that picture so we can all know what our classmates look like. To do this click on the Post link at the top of the page.

First type a message about your picture so we will know whose picture it is. Tell us where the picture was taken and why you chose it. Then click on Attach File. Select the kind of file you will upload. This will probably be a jpeg file. Next, click on Browse and navigate to your picture on you computer and select it. Then, click on Upload File.  Finally click on Post Message.


Next click on Select another forum or conference and select Announcements. This is where important announcements about the course will be made. You will want to check this forum from time to time. Please notice that you have now learned two ways to navigate between the forums.

Now return to the course introduction and go to the Course Calendar to get started.

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